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Here are Sponsor ID you can use to Register Atomy Membership FREE!

Sponsor ID: 13339401, 13340178, 13386468

1. Visit the Atomy homepage.
Click the address shown below. → Click (Official website)

2. Click “Join Us”.
join atomy usa

3. Please use the following ATOMY member’s ID and password to Login.
Guest Login ID:




The first letter “S” is entered automatically.
(Please enter numbers only.)
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4. Click “Join”.
join atomy usa

5. Check “All Agree” for Terms of Agreement.
Click the “NEXT” button.
join atomy usa

6. Fill in your personal particulars, and Click “Next”.
join atomy usa

7. Choose a sponsor’s membership number below to enter.
( Please enter numbers only.) Than Click “Search”.

Sponsor ID: 13339401, 13340178, 13386468

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8. Click “Confirm” on the screen below.
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9. Select an Atomy’s center near you and Click “NEXT”
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10 . Your membership registration is complete.
Click “DONE”
join atomy usa

11. Your membership ID and Password!.
Please record your ID and password and store in a safe place.
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If you need any help, you can contact us:

Facebook Messenger: @iwantatomy

You can also Email us with the form below: