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Grandfather of 80s hair grow after using...


使用艾多美头发护理后,80岁的爷爷头发长得更多了! 我的祖父将在明年年满80岁,看起来仍然很棒,除了他的逐渐脱发,他终于找到了解决方案! 几个月前,他的一位老邻居听说了他的头发问题,给了他一套艾多美护发产品。 他开始使用艾多美 洗髮乳洗头,然后在头皮上涂上艾多美 養髮液喷雾,并进行简单的按摩。 每天使用4个月后,他很高兴看到他的白发变得比以前更饱满! 现在他期待着更多的头发来庆祝他的80岁生日! 令人惊奇的是,艾多美头发护理产品无论年龄多大都能有效改善头皮状况,甚至可以促进头发生长,尽管他的头发已变白了! 我的祖父喜欢艾多美个人护理产品,因为它们是天然的,含有草药提取物,使用安全,不含有害化学物质,可能会引起皮肤刺激。 Koh YS女士,39岁 My grandfather will be turning 80 next year and still looking great except his gradual hair loss which he finally found a solution! A few months ago, one of his old neighbour heard about his hair problem and gifted him a set of […]

Serious swelling and rashes caused by ha...

Serious swelling and rashes caused by harmful chemicals

  Hi… I worked in a chemical plant and my daily exposure to harmful chemicals in the environment caused my skin to suffer from serious outbreak of swelling and itchy rashes. I consulted western skin specialist and Chinese TCM but there was no improvement after many months. One day, I met an old friend and […]

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