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How to join Atomy is simple, all you need is to find a Sponsor and you can join Atomy as a Consumer membership or a Distributor membership. So where to find a Sponsor ID? Its just listed right below.

If you are not familiar with Atomy, or Atom美 means Atom Beauty. Atomy Inc. was founded in 2009 in South Korea to distribute products that are produced by Kolmar BNH, a joint venture by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and cosmetics company Kolmar Korea. This translate into high-tech and high quality products which benefits the consumers and users. Despite the quality, Atomy products are priced to compete with the general retailers, online malls, supermarkets and departmental stores.

In short; Atomy is a distributor and an online shopping mall of the world’s best cosmetics, health supplements, household goods and more.​​ For more information on what Atomy is, please visit this link: About Atomy

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27339374, 27358619, 27358342,
27190753, 27060234, 27358094,
27078078, 27019324, 27233889

Please note that in some countries Atomy requires verification of your identity after your application is submitted, so please follow the on-screen instruction steps accordingly.

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Currently Atomy is available in Australia, CambodiaCanada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, PhilippineRussia, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Thailand

Atomy coming soon to: Update Coming Soon!

Membership Requirements and Benefits:
(At least 18 years old to become a member, online shopping)

  1. No Member Registration Fee.
  2. No First Time To Buy (Personal Voluntary Consumption Is Not Forced, Infinite Cumulative Points).
  3. No Monthly Repeated Consumption (No Monthly Automatic Shipment).
  4. No Minimum Order.
  5. No Annual Fee.
  6. No Backend Management Fee.
  7. Don’t Have To Invest.
  8. Don’t Have To Sell Products Everywhere.
  9. Don’t Need To Earn Price Differences From Friend, Will Not Affect People Relationship.
  10. No Traps In Bonus/Reward System.
  11. Bonuses Don’t Need The Amount of Responsibility.
  12. Don’t Have To Store Goods.
  13. Completely Zero Risk Zero Performance Pressure.
  14. Individual Accumulated Points Are Not Zero For Life.
  15. Organization Integral Infinite Accumulation.
  16. Global Connection Unlimited Generation Calculation Bonus.
  17. Without The Lack Of Active Revolutionary e-Commerce Business Opportunities.
  18. Own-Brand + Allied Alliance + Foreign Join = Unlimited Expansion of Product Categories And Market Share.