Hi… I worked in a chemical plant and my daily exposure to harmful chemicals in the environment caused my skin to suffer from serious outbreak of swelling and itchy rashes.

I consulted western skin specialist and Chinese TCM but there was no improvement after many months. One day, I met an old friend and shared with her about my skin problem and she immediately gave me a box of Atomy’s HemoHIM. I followed her advise to take one on the morning and one in the evening everyday.

To my surprise, after consuming HemoHIM for just one month, my skin was healed from the swelling and itchiness, the rashes disappeared from my neck and arm! HemoHIM is a supplement that has effectively strengthen my immune system and improve blood formation. I am so grateful to my friend for introducing me to Atomy and let me experience the benefits of their products to solve my skin problems within a short time.

Now I am a member of Atomy and using their body and hair shampoo to maintain healthy skin for my whole family.

Mr Chan MF, age 45

Before and After use of HemoHIM

neck - before
neck - after
wrist before
wrist after